I have decided I have way too much fabric and could not use in my lifetime. To be honest, my daughters could not use in their lifetimes, lol. So, I'm offering some for sale. I will be listing when I have a chance, so come back often. Also, I will list what yardage I have, so grab what you want or might be gone.

Now, for a little background. We had a storage building we emptied. Imagine my surprise when I found fabrics! I had sewed until about 1991 and have not seen these fabrics since that time. I have washed these fabrics to make sure there is no damage. There are also unwashed fabrics from my mother's stash. Since her fabric stayed in her house since purchased, I don't wash before using. And, yes, I have used these vintage fabrics without any problems.

I also want to say my picture taking skills are not the best. The photos do not do justice to these fabrics. I do not offer refunds on eBay or etsy, but will do so in my blog as I'm positive you will love the fabric you receive.

Vintage Stripe Cotton -- 67

Here is a 100 percent cotton, maybe from the 60s? It has tiny blue & white strips and is 36" wide. There is 4 yards and the price is $2.00 per yard, plus shipping.